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CNUSDEdChat is a podcast for educators and families covering all things in k-12 education. Co-hosts Ivy Ewell-Eldridge, Annemarie Cortez, Kate Jackson, Kim Kemmer, and Jenny Cordura chat with experts and practitioners on topics including literacy instruction, cultural proficiency, Common Core Math, NGSS, Edtech, and more. With so many changes occurring in 21st century education and learning, what should teachers and families try tomorrow…try this week… and try this month?

K-12 students, We want you to record our CNUSDEdChat outro.

Entries may be featured on a future podcast episode.

How to participate:

Step 1: Create an audio recording of a student reading our short outro script available at Make sure there are no distracting background noises when recording.

Step 2: Upload the recording as a mp3 file to the folder “CNUSDEdChat Kid Outros” at

Step 3: Label your mp3 file as first name and age (ex. Harper5.mp3).

Step 4: Teachers, be sure to get the family’s permission before submitting for students.


“Hi my name is (first name only), and I’m in _____grade.”

“If you would like to comment on their podcast, go to c n u s d dot k 12 dot C A dot u s slash EdChat. And be sure to follow them on Twitter,Facebook, and Instagram at C N U S D EdChat to let them know the topics YOU are interested in.”

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Script for Younger Students

“Thank you for listening to C N U S D Ed Chat.”

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 CNUSDEdChat Team

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